Badpuppy Gay Today

Monday, 3 February, 1997

by, Jack Nichols


Badpuppy welcomes you to a new experience in On-Line publishing, interesting, entertaining and informative on its own account and not simply because it deals with taboos like same-sex love.

Badpuppy says there is only one world, and that labels and categories--"them" and "us"--will someday disappear, leaving only human beings who, like Badpuppy's contributors, will be liked and appreciated not because of an orientation, but because they themselves are interesting.

Badpuppy believes happiness is the natural state for a well-balanced person. Thus "Gay" will also mean "Joy," and Badpuppy's viewpointers hope to laugh in the midst of grave, serious questions, knowing that all life has its humorous sides as well.

Today, as never before, America's gay and lesbian communities are awake to the concept of equality. Badpuppy will act, in part, as a chronicle of this awakening, helping to hasten the day when people relate to each other as people, similars instead of opposites.

The effects of discrimination reigning over same-sex love are subtle and pernicious. Some affected become too concerned with differentness, hypersensitive to prejudice. There are isolates who deny friendships with others like themselves, frightened by the challenges of socializing, resentful and unhappy. Those in hiding suffer cover-ups, backtracking, and disguise. Many, however, have now vanquished such behavior and they turn, as a result, into joy-filled personalities, living their real lives.

Badpuppy hopes to eliminate all such isolation, bringing to the fore compassionate views of our fellows. All men and women suffer when their fellows suffer. Prejudice affects brothers and sisters, parents, friends, neighbors and co-workers. It affects the whole fabric of culture, with citizens donning false images of themselves, living in desperate fear of being thought different. Tenderness between people of the same gender, as well as sensitivity and poetic vision die, thought to be signals of forbidden same-sex attraction. These fears strike at the very roots of American life, destroying colorful and varied pathways to our shared humanity.

Badpuppy realizes that those attracted to their own gender are sexual beings incidentally, but many other things in addition! We will bring Badpuppy's on-line subscribers the full range of human interests viewed by same-sex oriented thinkers.

Thomas Jefferson allied himself with Badpuppy's revolution when he swore "eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." There is no tyranny more morbid than that which dictates to love and affection.

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