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Saudi Arabia Chops Off
the Heads of Three Gay Men

Compiled by GayToday

Abha, Saudi Arabia-Saudi Arabia, reportedly the birthplace of 15 of the Al Qaeda terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center, has beheaded three gay men in a public execution here. Their executions were carried out with a sword.

Ali bin Hattan bin Saad, Mohammad bin Suleiman bin Mohammad and Mohammad bin Khalil bin Abdullah were said by an Islamic Court to be guilty of engaging "in the extreme obscenity and ugly acts...of homosexuality, marrying among themselves" and seducing "the young" in reputed violations of Islamic teachings.

The three gay men were also accused of "attacking those who rebuked them". GLBT news distributor, Scott Miller, has critiqued Associated Press reports on what he calls Saudi Arabia's "state sanctioned slaughter" of the men.

The Associated Press's treatment of the news story was lifted almost word for word from an online statement by the Saudi Interior Ministry. Miller's criticism of AP, therefore, applies to the Interior Ministry too.

"If you merely read the AP treatment," notes Miller,"especially the headline, you would think that 3 pedophiles got the comeuppance that most people wish on pedophiles.

"But read between the lines....Where is specific evidence that these three murdered gay men ever sexually abused children? The way these general charges were drawn up, it almost seems as if the 'pedophile' angle was included as a way to make Western countries such as the U.S. ignore the true story here....namely capital punishment in Saudi Arabia for the 'crime' of being gay.

"If the 'child molesting' charge were true, the details of the crime would have been specified and the related charges would have been rendered highly irrelevant."

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Miller asks why there has been no challenge to the Associated Press write-up.

"If there really was a molestation," he says, "what's the point of (AP's) using the following language in the indictment: "guilty of engaging 'in the extreme obscenity and ugly acts...of homosexuality, marrying among themselves and molesting the young,' in violation of Islamic teachings."

"This is totally beside the point of whether child molesters deserve capital punishment to begin with," notes Miller. "This is not an execution for molesters... it is an execution for unrepentant gay men."

Reflecting how the Associated Press had-word for word-- lifted the language of the Saudi Interior Ministry, Bob Kunst, an openly gay Florida gubernatorial candidate, told Gay Today:

"Saudi Arabia supports, funds, and gives safe haven for the terrorists, because it is a terrorist regime willing to murder thousands for their interpretation of Allah. Boycotting this disgraceful family and Arab oil and becoming energy independent is the least we can do to remember all the many thousands lost on 9/11 as well as the three gays being slaughtered by these monsters.

"The oil-addicted Bush Administration will have to be forced to take such measures. But the Bushes have a clear choice ahead of them:

"Either dump Arab oil or end by betraying those on 9/11 who were slaughtered by those Saudis who murdered them."

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