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Egyptian Intellectuals:
Vicious Killers of Same Sex Love

Compiled By GayToday

Cairo, Egypt--About the persecution of gays in Egypt and other Muslim nations, gay news- feed distributor and commentator Scott Miller notes that "One does not have to be a Muslim nation to persecute gays."

He says: "We also see institutionalized harassment of gays perpetrated in the name of Jesus" while "Orthodox Jews can be very vocal in their anti-gay hatred."

However, Miller feels moved to tell his readers that "in Muslim nations there seems to be a greater evil at work, to the point where gays are in danger of extermination for who we are.

"It wasn't just the Taliban who executed gays. Look at the recent beheadings of gay men in Saudi Arabia," Miller reminds his readers.

Both Scott Miller and John Aravosis, after reading Egyptian press translations by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), are continuing to bring public attention to the way gay men are covered in that press.

Miller notes how Egyptian publications quote "experts" calling for the extermination of gay males while discussing the best ways in which to facilitate their slaughter.

The MEMRI headlines culled from Egypt's press seem to suggest that: 'Since Egyptian Gays Have No Rights, Their Rights Need No Defense'

Egypt's wide-spread arrests of members of "homosexual organizations" and nightclub attendees (See Related Stories box on the right) has been protested recently by French celebrities, including Jean Michel Jarre, who produced the opera celebration of the millennium at the Great Pyramids.

Jarre said he intended to discuss gay rights with Egyptian leaders.

But Egyptian "intellectuals", "experts" and "scholars" quoted in that nation's press, blithely promote an anti-gay hysteria that, by current Western European, Australian, South African and North American standards, represents unbridled savagery.

Muhammad Abd Al-Mun'im Murad, a columnist for the Egyptian government daily Al-Akhbar, writes:

"I do not know why this perversion [homosexuality] has spread so conspicuously, either here in Egypt or globally... What is regrettable is that this distressing phenomenon is accompanied by campaigns. . . defending the perverts' right to do as they wish with their bodies…"

"A man must remain a man, and a woman must remain a woman. Each gender is entitled by Islamic religious law to protect the [nature] of the sex Allah made him or her. . ."

"Similarly, Egyptians see procuring between an active and a passive pervert or procuring between a man and a woman for the purpose of sexual perversion and for depravity as one of the most loathsome acts of which anyone can be accused. People who have in the past found themselves imprisoned [in Egypt] were stunned by the depravity committed by the perverts, both secretly and openly. Those accused of sex crimes and vice are the lowest of the low [in prison], and they are treated worse than murderers, thieves, swindlers, counterfeiters, or burglars. Crimes of sexual perversion are the worst a man can commit in the eyes of conservative Egyptians. . . A man must remain a man. Moreover, the quality of manliness is connected in peoples' consciousness with honor, morality, and loyalty... The causes of the spread of this perversion in our country must be investigated."

While he was protesting Egypt's treatment of its gay citizens Jean Michel Jarre found himself addressed directly by Al-Akhbar columnist Suniya 'Abbas:

"Who are you to protest [the treatment of homosexuals in Egypt]? Who told you that perverts have rights in Egypt, that you should defend them?! Who told you we would accept your protest, or the protest of the entire world, and defend the perverts?! Who told you this protest would be echoed by any [Egyptian] official?!… Egypt permitted you to produce the millennium show, but it will not allow you to meddle with its legal rulings."

Wagih Abu Zikra, another Al-Akhbar columnist, says :

"With nausea and repulsion, I have followed the news of the perverts arrested in the Al-Bouhayra district, and how the pathological report determined their guilt… What moral debasement has this group reached? What kind of people are they, with no religion, moral values, or honor? And yet there are people in the West who defend them - even hold a march in Paris in their honor, claiming human rights. What human? What rights?! I don't care what they say in the West… Where are human rights in all things regarding what is going on in Palestine?! Why aren't there demonstrations for the rights of the Palestinian child?!… Where are human rights in the Guantanamo detention camps?!…"

Dr. 'Ali Al-Sibki, lecturer on Islamic culture at Cairo University reflects on the execution of same-sex lovers in the manner of the now centuries-old Roman Catholic Inquisition. He says:

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"The wisdom of prohibiting homosexuality stems from the fact that the continuation of human propagation depends on the relationship between man and woman… For this reason, deviation from this behavior constitutes heresy, which requires the penalty set out by Islamic religious law… There is a [scholarly religious] dispute regarding how they should be killed: One opinion is that the penalty for fornication should be applied to homosexuals, as [the act involves] penetration of a bodily orifice prohibited by religious law… Another opinion is that the perpetrator of the deed, and the one to whom it is done, should be killed. A third opinion is that the homosexual should be burned… A fourth opinion is that he should be thrown from the highest wall, due to the loathsome nature of the deed."

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