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LGBT Muslims Holding
2nd International Confab in London

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London, England--Al-Fatiha UK will hold its second international conference here for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Muslims and their supporters. The event, scheduled for the weekend of August 23, been funded by the Stonewall's Citizenship 21 project, in collaboration with Kairos, a gay and lesbian spiritual center in London's Soho district.

Gay Muslims march during London's Pride Parade

Organizers expect to welcome approximately two hundred LGBT Muslims and their friends. Discussions and workshops will be held on a variety of issues affecting LGBT Muslims including: HIV and AIDS, coming out to Muslim Families, the challenges facing LGBT Muslims in Islamic Countries and a variety of issues that specifically relate to Lesbian and Bi Muslim Women.

To lighten the weekend's mood during the evenings there will be a formal dinner, an Al-Fatiha Party, and a variety show.

"With Islam so much the focus of media attention, this event arrives at a very pertinent point in time. It will allow the wider gay community to dismiss the negative preconceptions that are prevalent about Muslims, particularly after September 11th. It will also allow mainstream Muslims to dispel the myths surrounding Lesbians, Gay men, bisexuals and Transgender people," said Adnan Ali, the moderator of Al-Fatiha UK.

"We therefore welcome non-Muslims with an interest in Islam and Muslims who seek to understand their LGBT brothers and sisters to attend the conference. (Please note: the organizers reserve the right to refuse admission to persons deemed a threat to LGBT Muslims. All delegates will be screened before entry is permitted)."

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