‘I Love Gays’ hashtag goes viral in Saudi Arabia

An Arabic hashtag supporting LGBTI rights trended globally on Twitter.

The hashtag ‘احب_المثليين_ولست_منهم means ‘I love gays and I’m not one of them’, was used as a rally cry for people in the Arabic speaking world to show their support for the LGBTI community.

It appeared on Twitter on Thursday and by the weekend became the number one trending topic in Saudi Arabia. The hashtag also ranked fourth on the worldwide trends.

Homosexuality is illegal in most Arabic speaking countries except for Iraq, Jordan and Bahrain. While it is still illegal to be gay in Lebanon, the country is one step closer to decriminalising homosexuality.

Twitter: for and against the pro-LGBTI hashtag

Allies were quick to voice their support for the hashtag, but it did also attract some opposition.

‘I don’t hate a person who didn’t do anything to me, only sick people do that,’ tweeted @lxlrlx.

‘They marry four women, they marry minors, they wish harm on others who have not harmed them in anyway and then they have the audacity to say homosexuality is abnormal,’ tweeted @Alaa09877.

My support litmus test:human?✔️. harming/endangering anyone?✖️➡️I support you #احب_المثليين_ولست_منهم pic.twitter.com/HFj92tsO0U

— Action Potential (@MsActionHerself) February 4, 2017

How can you not love them pic.twitter.com/N8JU73Ku4W

— ayosh (@heart_stirring) February 3, 2017

#احب_المثليين_ولست_منهم we are born this way ����pic.twitter.com/7d5IK5u4k2

— JG (@_ililJG) February 5, 2017

I’m so proud of y’all , And proud that I can see this tag is trending in The biggest HOMOPHOBIC KINGDOM ❤️��������

— عبد الصمد ، xoxo (@6Abdulellah9) February 3, 2017

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