Harvey Fierstein is back, and a queer renaissance is making Broadway fabulous again


Neil Patrick Harris proclaimed Broadway is “Not Just For Gays Anymore,” the delightful opening song of the 2011 Tony Awards. Gone were the days of theater as the exclusive domain of tap dancing in 42nd Street and jazz hands in A Chorus Line. Audiences have flocked to the theater to see safe, pleasant productions like Grease and Jersey Boys, and of course the American consciousness is currently obsessed with the hip-hop score of Hamilton.

But good old-fashioned glamorous theater, with self-indulgent drama and big dance sequences, is popular again, perhaps led by the success of Kinky Boots, in its fourth year on Broadway of educating audiences about drag queens and fetish footwear. Gaggles of gay men are once again reclaiming their theatrical turf, converging from across America and descending upon Broadway theaters to see shows rife with high camp, over-the-top costumes and toe-tapping tunes.

Theatrical power players have certainly noticed the gentle shift, and are on the hunt for musicals and plays that serve up a heavy dose of drama while remembering to still leave audiences smiling. Tina Fey’s musical version of Mean Girls is opening in Washington, D.C. on October 31 for its pre-Broadway trial, and Elton John is working on his musical adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada. Cate Blanchett, fresh off her Broadway run in a play called The Present, is booked to star in a stage production of All About Eve in London opening in 2018, and that play is going to be so delicious it is almost impossible to comprehend.

In celebration of the 2017 Tony Awards nominations, announced May 5, here are some of the shows currently on Broadway that give the gays of America a reason to round up their friends and take a trip to New York to see what’s new on Broadway:

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