Mr Gay World 2017 has an important message about HIV

The first man from Southeast Asia to win Mr Gay World is not just a pretty face and wants to help the LGBTI community.

John F. Raspado was the first Filipino to win the prestigious competition when he was crowned Mr Gay World 2017 in Madrid on Wednesday.

On top of winning the title, Raspado also swept many of the top categories including; Best in Swimwear, Best in Formal Wear, Best in Interview, Mr Online Vote and Mr Social Media. Runners-up were from Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and South Africa.

Raspado is one of the ambassadors of the Phillipines’s leading HIV organizations, LoveYourself.

‘I would like to use my voice and be a role model for the members of the LGBT community who are still in the process of acceptance,’ Raspado has said in media interviews.

Last year Raspado became a LoveYourself ambassador and urged people to not be afraid to be tested.

‘It doesn’t stop with just one HIV test. You would always have to be careful and be safe,’ he said.

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