Leaked Labour manifesto promises PrEP treatment and LGBTI safeguards in the UK

The UK’s Labour Party has promised to trial PrEP and further safeguard LGBTI rights if elected, according to a leaked party manifesto.

Led by Jeremy Corbyn, the party hopes to complete the necessary trial for PrEP ‘as quickly as possible, and fully roll out the treatment to high-risk groups to help reduce HIV infection,’ reads the document.

Equal legal protection for LGBTI citizens

Labour wants to redefine hate crimes, bringing ‘LGBT hate crimes into line with hate crimes based on race and faith, by making them aggravated offenses.’

If elected, they promise to rework the UK’s Equality Act 2010, among other laws, to protect citizens’ gender identity, rather than their gender assignments.

This language update will extend to words like ‘transsexual,’ which are no longer considered helpful descriptors — Labour hopes to remove or replace them in the country’s legal codes.

Labour responds to bullying, healthcare concerns

Teachers and doctors will also receive training to better understand their LGBTI students and patients under a Labour government.

The manifesto says: ‘To tackle bullying of LGBT young people, Labour will ensure that all teachers receive initial and ongoing training on the issues students face and how to address them. And we will ensure that the new guidance for relationships and sex education is LGBT inclusive.

‘Likewise, we will ensure all frontline health and social care professionals receive ongoing training to understand and meet the needs of LGBT patients and service users.’

The official manifesto is yet to come

The Labour manifesto goes on to remind readers of the party’s history with LGBTI issues: ‘Labour has a proud record championing the fight for GBLT equality.

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