Church refuses ceremony for 9-year-old girl because she wants to wear a suit

A Catholic Church in Indiana threatened not to give a nine-year-old girl a religious ceremony if she showed up in a suit.

Cady Mansell loves wearing suits to mass every Sunday but she was given an ultimatum by the administrators at her school. The school is under the jurisdiction of the local Roman Catholic diocese.

If she wanted to have her first Holy Communion, she needed to adhere to a newly issued dress code.

Cady’s mother Chris, believes the dress code singles her daughter out and was created specifically for her.

In a now viral Facebook post, Chris wrote: ‘Since there wasn’t initially a dress code given for the event, we assumed she could wear a suit.

‘We went out and made a weekend out of finding her the perfect outfit. One that makes her feel beautiful and confident.

‘Unfortunately her school and church heard about the suit and told us today, three days before the event, that my daughter is uninvited to attend first Holy Communion as long as she plans on wearing a suit because it violates the dress code that was just released last week,’ she argued.

She added: ‘My sweet girl is heartbroken.’

‘My daughter was the only girl excluded for violating the dress code’

The first Holy Communion went ahead 1 October but Cady did not participate.

Her mother pulled her out of school and enrolled them into another, but updated the post with more details.

She wrote: ‘Other girls were allowed to violate the dress code but still attend the ceremony and receive communion.

‘The dress code states no sleeveless dresses are allowed [and] shoulders must be covered.

‘But almost all of the girls wore sleeveless dresses.

‘The statement the church gave says “We let no one go against the dress code.”

‘This is why I chose not to give in. It was a total double standard,’ she added.

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