WATCH: InfoWars’ Alex Jones flips out over drag queens reading to kids

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many Conservatives are vehemently against Drag Queen Story Hour, a once-a-month program at some public libraries where a drag performer will read stories to children. Still, the controversial InfoWars host Alex Jones took this Conservative outrage to the next level.

What did he say?

‘All this is is a societal wrecking ball to destroy any semblance of normality, any semblance of basic human biology that you see in the bees and you see in the birds,’ Jones yells at his audience, followed by a longer list of different animal species.

‘Imagine if someone in a demon outfit showed up next to a baby giraffe and said “hi I’m a demon, be inclusive, don’t be mean to me. Let me wear demon horns and look like a complete alien from another planet.”’

‘They dress up like space aliens all over the United States of America and all over the world in horrible demon, psychopath outfits that make Pennywise look beautiful,’ Jones shouts. ‘They show up and they have their way with your children, in demon outfits.’

‘I mean, if you’ve got men that look like 400-pound goblin demons with your children, there’s nothing you won’t put up with.’

‘There isn’t a species on the planet that would let something that looks like a space alien get up close to its kids,’ he screamed. ‘But only in America does it happen and I’m sick of it. I’m tired of it right now. I can’t handle it anymore.’

Jones’ rant only gets louder and more incoherent from there, escalating to him picking up his chair as if he were about to throw it.

Check out the full clip below, and brace yourself for a whole lot of shouting:

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