‘Ex-gay’ basketballer denied job at university for her anti-LGBTI views

A former Basketball player alleges she has been denied a University coaching job, because she is an ‘ex-gay.’

Camille LeNoir says she was denied an assistant coaching job at New Mexico State University because of her views. She would have been coaching the university’s women’s basketball team.

A federal judge in California is allowing her to challenge the decision in a discrimination case, Think Progress reports.

Initially accepting the job, LeNoir made plans to move to the state.

She says the offer was retracted when this 2011 video came to the attention of the university.

In the video, she says ‘If you are in a same-sex relationship, it is not worth losing your soul.’

Advising that LGBTI relationships ‘will be the death of you.’

In the video were she consistently returns to the theme of being gay, as a choice. She also adds:

‘If you believe you were born gay or homosexual or whatever — if you feel you were born that way — I would say that you weren’t. God wouldn’t create you homosexual, then say in the Bible that it’s wrong, and then send you to Hell.’

‘I feel I lost the job because of my heterosexuality’

LeNoir is now suing New Mexico State in U.S. District Court. She believes she is being discriminated against for her religious beliefs and sexual identity, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The university says it made the oral offer for the job ‘outside of NMSU’s job posting procedures.’ This requires a public posting and standard recruitment process. So it says: ‘Therefore, irrespective of the online video, Ms. LeNoir very well may not have been hired.’

But the lawsuit does say they advised LeNoir to take down the video because it ‘would make it difficult for her to find a job in women’s college basketball.’

A spokesman for New Mexico State has declined to comment on the allegations. However, the state does acknowledge they did rescind the offer but deny it was on the basis of discrimination.

However, in court documents, the State says that LeNoir’s feelings about homosexuality ‘would have had an adverse impact’ on her ‘ability to effectively coach and recruit players who identify as LGBT.’

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