WATCH: This stunning same-sex ballet protests ‘absurd’ African anti-gay laws

A South African ballet company is sending a strong message of support to LGBTI Africans in light of ‘absurd’ anti-gay laws.

Joburg Ballet’s latest stunning creation features two female performers dancing through a sun-kissed house. But the meaning behind the piece is truly remarkable.

The performance is in response to the jailing of 13 activists in Tanzania, including two South Africans, for ‘promoting homosexuality.’

Their crime? Trying to save health initiatives that help to fight the spread of HIV.

The performance begins with a montage of news reports detailing the detaining of the activists.

The two dancers spot each other through a glass window and tentatively start dancing together.

Titled Bite Size Ballet, the piece is part of a miniseries for the company that highlights topical world events.

It’s the fourth video in the series, with other themes including violence against women and even Game of Thrones.

In the description for the video, Joburg Ballet wrote: ‘This story has shined a spotlight on the absurd anti-LGBTQ laws of many African countries.

‘The piece is a love story. We are trying to capture love through the art of ballet.

‘We’re proud to launch our latest Bite-size Ballet on the weekend of Gay Pride, as South Africans take to the streets to celebrate love, openness and inclusivity.

‘It reminds us that in Joburg, love is love and love is beautiful, no matter what shape or form it takes,’ it read.

Watch the stunning performance:

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