Lesbian couple kidnapped and raped for days before escaping captors

A lesbian couple in Indianapolis say they were locked in a basement, beaten, and raped.

A probable cause affidavit filed Monday, 20 November, described the assaults that occurred in an east-side home in the city.

Kenneth A. Braswell, 32; Thomas J. Bell, 26; Jose Nieves, 35 face charges of 26 counts, including rape, criminal confinement, kidnapping, possession of meth, and battery by means of a deadly weapon.

The victims, who are married, told police they went to the house to do heroin on the morning of 10 November.

One of the women borrowed a car from a third woman there, who was not charged. However, when the car was not returned in a ‘timely’ manner, the woman got angry.

She told the victim who remained she would be ‘keeping’ her until the car was returned.

The victim was bound with duct tape, beaten, and left in a closet. She also said at one point she was raped, according to the affidavit.

When the victim’s wife returned, they were both beaten and kept in the basement. They had no access to food or water.

‘I didn’t know if she was alive anymore,’ one described in the affidavit as she watched one of the captors beat her wife.

A timely escape

The women told police they were put into a car on 14 November. One of them described hearing Nieves talking about taking them somewhere to kill them.

When the car got a flat tire, they pulled over to a convenience store. The women asked Nieves if they could go to the restroom and while inside, they asked the clerk to call the police.

The women locked themselves in the bathroom until police arrived.

According to court documents, police found a ‘large blood puddle’ in the basement when they searched the house. They also found handguns, duct tape, and a bloody towel.

A jury trial for Braswell, Bell, and Nieves begins on 22 January.

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